Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This is a story about my daughter-in-law, Melissa. Melissa is married to my youngest son Carson.

As I have spoken about THE CRICKET COLLECTION "ALPHABET" being my "beginning"... well, it sort of was Melissa's beginning too. Not really, but you will understand as you read on.

When Melissa stopped in she always looked at my cross stitching of the "Alphabet". She would make over each letter and tell me her opinion. As time went on I kept telling her she could do cross stitch too. Her reply always was the same...I don't think so. My reply was always the same too... if I can, you can. Well, one day Melissa was with me as I went to my needle shop. I noticed she was studying many stitched patterns. As the day went on we stopped in Michaels and I ask her did she want anything, she said no. I walked her around to the cross stitch kits and started showing her how she could do a small kit to start with, just to see if she wanted to further cross stitch.

The first kit Melissa purchased was of sunflowers as she loves sunflowers. It was no time and she had that sunflower kit finished and framed. Was she ever hooked on cross stitch. That was all it took !!

So, this is why I say my "Alphabet" cross stitching was what really got the attention of Melissa. In it's own way...it was the beginning of Melissa and cross stitching too.

From the sunflower kit she went on to do a Harley Davidson motorcycle. This pattern when finished was for Melissa's father as he owns a Harley Davidson shop. I couldn't believe my eyes that she was stitching this Harley pattern as it was so detailed. It was unbelievable when finished and framed. It made her father's day !!

The month of February ... Melissa was so busy. She stitched many Valentine's Day patterns as a surprise for Carson. He was very surprised !! She did her own finishing and such a neat job doing so. She did a block, easel and framed a couple patterns and door hangers. What a job she did !!!

Melissa since has moved on to many patterns and has never looked back. At this time she is working on Winnie the Pooh calendar. She has added many buttons to go along with each month, it has added character to her work.

Since the beginning for Melissa ... her love for cross stitch has developed into a great hobby. Her and I frequent the needle shops almost monthly to see what is new and add to our stash.

I tell Melissa that she has passed me up as she does her own finishing details and is so creative doing so. I am very proud of Melissa and her cross stitch accomplishments !!

So, the ending to this beginning is .... "if I can do it...you can do it !!"

Until we meet again,
Happy Stitching


Karen said...

Melissa has done a great job! Can't wait to see what the Pooh calendar will look like when finished.

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