Thursday, June 25, 2009


About 20 years ago I got this notion I wanted to cross stitch. There was no one in my family who did cross stitch, my Grandmother did knitting and sewing. So, what did I do...I walked into the local needle shop & started looking at the patterns. I tried to ask questions only to get a lady asking me did I know how to count and make an "x". That was as much information that this lady wanted to share with me. I decided that wasn't good enough for me as I kept asking questions. This lady finally decided I wasn't going to go away and she showed me cloth and how to get started cross stitching. I then picked out my first pattern and the color of cloth.

My first pattern was THE CRICKET COLLECTION "ALPHABET". I look back and ask myself "what was I thinking ?" I started with such a large pattern and having never cross stitched in my life ... I must have been crazy.

I got started on the "Alphabet" and fell in love with all the letters and their characters. I used a dark tan cloth and I took this cross stitch project everywhere I went so I could sit and cross stitch.

In the meantime, I started an advertising business and was so busy there wasn't much personal time and I put all of my cross stitch in my closet. I had nine letters left to finish. As life changed for me...I decided I wanted to do something on those long winter nights. I actually decided I wanted to do rug hooking. I tried to find classes on rug hooking with no luck. Just so happens I opened my closet door and there was all this cross stitch project in my basket starring me in the face. I thought to myself "oh my" and I took my basket out, sat down and thought "where do I begin". I studied this pattern and I picked up where I left off and I finished this "Alphabet" in about two months. So to this day I call this project my "beginning". I went from the "Alphabet" to many other cross stitch patterns and have never looked back. And by the way...I did find a rug hooking class, that is another story another day. I enjoy rug hooking but my first love is "cross stitching". Now, to my embarassment, I haven't framed my completed "Alphabet". Yes, that is on my "bucket list". However, I am very proud of this super large pattern that I finished.

The Cricket Collection is one of my favorite designers and to my surprise this pattern is still available. I bought the Alphabet pattern about 20 years ago. I laugh about the price tag... $4.00. I haven't paid that price for a pattern since.
I would recommend the Alphabet pattern to anyone as each letter can be stitched by itself and also you can stitch words or names. I am thinking there is a Christmas Alphabet pattern by The Cricket Collection. I think, hope I am not confused with another designer.

Check back as I will be posting a picture of THE CRICKET COLLECTION "ALPHABET".

Happy Stitching !!
Cross Stitch Woman


Anonymous said...

I did this one too about 20 years ago!! It is one of my favorites! Caroline

Cross Stitch Woman said...

Thank you for commenting.
It was first cross stitch pattern and I love this pattern too. Each alphabet keeps you going wanting to finish to start the next one.

Anonymous said...

I love this pattern, can you give me, please?

Thank you so much!

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