Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blackbird Designs August Melon

August Melon floss colors have been pulled and they are so pretty. I am going to decide tomorrow on my color of cloth. I am leaning toward a natural color. I have gone back & forth all night trying to decide. I believe the floss colors go well with the natural colored cloth. I have chosen 18Ct.Aida. I know Blackbird Designs pattern calls for 28ct.linen but I prefer Aida cloth over linen. I don't know why but for some reason I am stuck on stitching 18ct.Aida. I have tried my hand at linen with not much luck. I am not giving up on linen & will give it another try, just not at this time. I feel the finished look of a cross stitched project on linen is much prettier.

When I decide on the color of cloth I will then prepare my Doodler Lap Frame. I love working with my Doodler Lap Frame as it makes it so easy to work with both hands stitching. I also have a 5" magnifying glass. How sweet that is !! I purchased my magnifying glass from K's Creations. It has the squeeze grip allowing to place it where needed.

So, I will be starting on the August Melon by tomorrow evening. Looking so forward to my evenings of cross stitching.

Cross Stitch Woman


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