Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thanksgiving Day is a day for family and all our blessings. I think each year I count my blessings more and more. I know I am blessed with so much in my life.

As Thanksgiving arrives so do all my memories of family, many that have passed. As I am preparing my Thanksgiving meal I can't help think of my Grandmother Mabel Pickett. I was so blessed to grow up having her as my "Grandma Pickett". My Grandma Pickett was a kind hearted lady who grew up in Glasgow, Kentucky as a child, met my Grandfather at an early age, married and to Indiana they went. She was mother to six children, thirteen grandchildren and several great grandchildren.

This leads me to cooking and a great cook she was. When I became a mother and decided to fix my first Thanksgiving meal who else but Grandma Pickett did I turn to. This was over 30yrs. ago and I still have all my notes of recipes just how Grandma told me to cook. I still go to my recipe box for many of her recipes, starting with her noodle recipe. Her notes are so interesting on every detail of how to do this or that.

I go from making Grandma's noodles to her Oyster Dressing recipe. I must say...Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without "Grandma's" Oyster Dressing. I have many of her recipes that I go back to each year. But what I really go back to each year is the memories of Grandma Pickett and how she had all of us pile into her home to enjoy her delicious Thanksgiving meal!!! The memories of her preparing her holiday meals for days ahead of that special day. Grandma Pickett's blessing each year was to have her family. My blessing is having all the wonderful memories of my Grandma Pickett and the recipes I treasure with my family each year.

Another Thanksgiving blessing I am going to share with each of you... 33yrs. ago I gave birth to my second child Carson on Thanksgiving Day. What a true blessing!!!
So each year we celebrate not only Thanksgiving but Carson's birthday. Every seven years his birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day and this next year his birthday will once again be on Thanksgiving Day.

And another family!!
I am so blessed to have my family and with each of them looking forward to my holiday meal and time to spend together on Thanksgiving Day!!

Last blessing...Each of you who take a few minutes out of your day to read my blog. Thank you!!
As I end this Thanksgiving posting, I hope each of you had a Blessed Thanksgiving Day!! And with many memories of family.

Until We Meet Again...

Thursday, November 25, 2010