Tuesday, June 16, 2009


When I cross stitch I normally sit on my loveseat with my legs stretched out. I believe in being comfortable. I get my lighting situated, my basket with all the floss, scissors & pattern booklet. Then I am off starting to cross stitch. I use my Doodler Lap-Stitch Frame & just love it. It makes it so easy to stitch with both hands. I am right handed & never thought I could learn to use my left hand but I did. Surprised myself !

There are more than one size of Doodler Frames and more than one kind of Doodlers. I have the Doodler Lap-Stitch Frame that came with three different sizes of dowel rods. This is a great way to go for different sizing of cloth to stitch on. Just baste your cross stitch cloth onto the dowel rods & start stitching. Tighten the rods as needed and have fun. Myself, I prefer to stitch on a cloth that has a little bounce but tightened just right too. Personal preference I guess.

My Doodler Lap-Stitch Frame was a Christmas gift from my husband. When I told him I wanted a Doodler he looked at me as if "what ?". I told him to go to my favorite needle shop. Bless his heart he did just that.
Many Cross Stitch Shops or Needle Shops carry the Doodlers. If you have trouble finding a Doodler you can always google in and find them. Many are sold on ebay too.
This is the website for the Doodlers.

Happy Stitching !!
Cross Stitch Woman


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