Saturday, June 13, 2009


In an earlier post I made the comment that I say "go for it !".
Yes, I did "go for it" with this blog. This blogging business is new to me being the gal who is on the other side of the blog. That being .... writing my own post. I have been reading & keeping up with many blogs, such as cross stitch, needlepoint, punch needle, rug hooking, decorating, recipes and life in general.
On Thursday, June 11th my new blog became a reality. Cross Stitch Woman !!
This cross stitch blog was made possible because I have a very talented daughter-in-law & son who helped me with all behind the scenes workings.
Therefore... a huge THANK YOU goes out to Karen & Craig !!!
My daughter-in-law put in many hours of helping me design & construct this blog. There will be additions coming as time goes on.

Cross Stitch Woman is a cross stitch blog, however, for those of you who will be following my blog may be reading more than cross stitch news from me.
I will be talking about my favorite cross stitch designers coming up & some of my experiences learning cross stitch. I feel I am just now coming into my own cross stitching. Such a wonderful hobby !

Oh yes... I have only one grandchild. "Little "C" ". I have to talk about him too, afterall, he is Grandma's boy ! He is the child of my oldest son Craig & Karen. Little C will be 4yrs. old this August & attends a Christian Preschool. I think he is the brightess 4yr old I have known . I know...he is my grandchild !

I have another son, Carson & his wife Melissa. Melissa is a cross stitcher too. I am very proud of Melissa learning cross stitch but also she does her own finishing. I tell her that she has passed me doing finishing. I will talk more about Melissa & her cross stitching another day.

Once again,
Thank you Karen & Craig for all your knowledge & making Cross Stitch Woman a blog.

Last, I have finished Summer Song & will be posting a picture of the framed project.

Happy Stitching,
Cross Stitch Woman


Karen said...

You are welcome! It's been a lot of fun working on this blog with you.

Tommye said...

You have a beautiful blog. I look forward to more stitching news now that I'm following. Check out mine, if you like.

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