Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today I want to share the last "March Birthday".

As in my previous posting about "March Birthdays" I shared about my family having many birthdays in the month of March. Today, is my Mother's Birthday ! If my Mother were alive she would be 81 yrs. old.

My Mother never wanted to celebrate her "Birthday" as she always said...just another day. I remember her 60th Birthday, my Dad surprised her with a Birthday party. Needless to say my Mother wasn't very happy at first but as the evening went on she settled into the thinking...okay, it is my Birthday ! For years to come we always heard...I don't know why your Dad had to do that. My Mother never wanted to be recognized or much less be the focus of attention.

This leads me on to "pictures" ! Never did she want her picture to be taken. When she seen the camera coming she would exit the room or turn her head. Don't ask me why. So, to have pictures of my Mother is quite out of the ordinary. As the years went on we all did get pictures of her. However, as a young girl the family of sisters did have pictures. So today I am sharing with all of you my favorite picture of my Mother as a young girl.
I have always loved this picture of my Mother because of her big eyes and how defined her lips are with lipstick. My Mother's hair was Auburn and the sweater was yellow. I think she was beautiful in this picture.

So once again...the last "March Birthday".
Blessings to my Mother and Happy 81st Birthday !!


Friday, March 19, 2010


March is a busy month full of " March Birthdays ".
I have always loved the month of March for many reasons. The first reason being "spring" is on the way. However, an Indiana March can change very fast. Here in Indiana we have had a very nice March with a few days into the 60 degrees. Today is another warm day with beautiful sunshine. When I speak of Indiana weather...the forecast for Sunday evening is snow. There is one thing about a spring snow...it normally has no accumulation and leaves the same day. I must say we have flowers blooming and the grass is turning green. So once again spring is on the way. Speaking of spring...March 20th is the first day of spring.

March 20th has always been a special day for me. This is my "Birthday" ! I always remember as a child how I couldn't wait for my "birthday". On my mother's side of the family I was the only granddaughter. I don't know who enjoyed my birthday more, myself or my Grandpa Thomas. Grandpa always made my birthday a very special day. I remember the year he got me a pogo stick...poor Grandma, I jumped all through her house. I am sure she was happy to see me go home. Jumping all the way out the door on that pogo stick. My love for my birthday wasn't so much about turning another year older but receiving greeting cards. I think to this day it is why I love sending greetings cards. Age has never bothered me because afterall, what can you do about it. Last week while in the hair salon I was ask how old I would be on my birthday. When I answered the room went silent and all eyes were on me. At that moment I truly felt my age. Ha !

I am not the only person having a birthday in March...the month starts out with my father-in-law being March 9th. My Aunt Anita on March 10th along with several cousins following. Then here I come along on the 20th. My son Craig will be 34 yrs.old on the 29th. My mother's birthday is the 30th.

I also have to mention one last birthday. I have a wonderful neighbor lady who is young at heart. She drives, lives alone, does her own shopping & loves wishing all she knows " Happy Birthday". Her birthday is on the 24th of March. She shares her birthday with her daughter on the same day. Wishing my neighbor lady Aletha Phillippi a very happy 92nd. Birthday !!! Would you believe I just had delivered a bouquet of flowers from her ? That is Aletha !!!

March Birthdays ! Here is to you...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL !!!!