Wednesday, July 29, 2009


"GRANDPA AND THE GOOD OLE DAYS" is how the song goes...tell me about the good ole days.

Well, my "good ole days" with Grandpa were every July 27th & July 28th. My two Grandpa's birthdays were side by side. They weren't the same age. And they were so different as Grandpa too.

My first Grandpa worked at a coal company. His job was to oil all the draglines and heavy equipment. Hard to imagine but he never missed a day of work, not even when we had the snow blizzard of 1978.

There never was a day gone by without stopping in to see my Grandpa when he got off of work. He worked on cars at his garage for people. He also worked on my bicycle fixing my tires. After fixing my tires he taught me how to ride my bike backwards. Trust me... he was much better doing so than me. As I learn how to drive he always preached to me the first lesson about a car, you can let it run out of gas but never let it run out of oil.

My Grandpa sure could be a character when he wanted to, but overall he loved all of his children and grandchildren. I was the third grandchild in the family among many others down the line.

I always made sure he got his birthday card every July 27th as he loved to see his cards.

My second Grandpa... many years my Mother's family got together and had a birthday dinner for Grandpa. We always tried to have his birthday dinner on Sunday as he owned a Phillips 66 Station. The station was closed on Sunday.

I had a different sort of granddaughter relationship with Grandpa, I was the only granddaughter out of six grandsons. Yes, he did spoil me. My Mother always said after a Sunday visit back home that she couldn't do anything with me as Grandpa spoiled me. He held me as a baby most of the day. I meant the world to him & him to me. As I grew older, there were many Sundays he took me to his family to show me off. Again, I was the only granddaughter. As I would go home on Sunday evenings he always made sure he gave me a couple dollars folded up.
I was in the eighth grade of school when he just had to buy me a new bike. Can you believe an eighth grader still riding a Sting Ray bike ? Not in todays world ! Grandpa was so proud of buying this new bike for me. It was a Schwinn Sting Ray and they were the new thing that year. We walked from his station to the bike shop and as I rode that bike out of the shop, he couldn't have been prouder. That was the last thing my Grandpa ever did for me as he passed away that fall. That year happened to be 1964 and here we are today 2009 and I still have that Sting Ray bike with the original tires, flower basket, banana seat and high handle bars. I just can't seem to part with it.

I also made sure Grandpa got his birthday cards too.

Yes, Grandpa and the good ole days !
Again, both of my Grandpa's were different but yet alike in many ways as they both loved their children and grandchildren.

So, every July 27th and July 28th I go back into time thinking of the "good ole days" with Grandpa. Here is to each...HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA !!!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I was in my local needle shop last week visiting with the owner. As we were talking, the owner shared with me she would soon have her contract renewal of her needle shop location. The owner shared that she didn't know if she would be staying in business or not. The ups and downs of the economy and the history of needle crafts being very seasonal was taking a toll on the business.

Over the last year the shop owner has sent email news letters asking for all of our support by buying from her shop. She wants to remain in business but the economy is playing a huge factor.

There are many advantages of buying from our local shop owners...
Being able to see patterns/charts in front of you.
They will always be happy to order anything for you.
But more than anything... the knowledge they can share with you is great.
If ever a question on how to do something, they are there to help you.
Also, trunk shows...just the best way to see first hand what is new.

So, I am hoping that each of us won't forget our local needle shops and the owners during these tough economic times.

Plese support your favorite needle shops !!


Friday, July 24, 2009


Absolutely the best barbecue sauce !!!


THE JUG comes in a red jug and you just cannot beat this barbecue sauce. It is great for grilling, hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, turkey, bratwurst, ribs and etc. The Jug is great for homemade barbecue sandwiches too.

THE JUG is sometimes very hard to find, therefore, ask your local grocery store manager to order it for you. They will be happy to learn about such a great barbecue sauce.

THE JUG Barbecue Sauce is packed by A. Camacho, Inc., Plant City, Florida.

THE JUG BARBECUE SAUCE is a sweet, mild barbecue sauce. My family has been using this barbecue sauce for at least 25 years. It is very addictive and cannot be beat as a great barbecue sauce.

Please look for it and give it a try, you will add it to one of your favorites.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Sunday was a cookout day and the kids came over to eat. On the cookout menu were grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. We had bar-b-que beans, scalloped corn and scroodles. For our desert I fixed a peach cobbler and our daughter-in-law Karen brought a banana cake she made. Karen's banana cake was delicious.

I am giving the recipes for food I fixed and Karen will have to post her Banana Cake recipe.

This recipe is on a previous post, please check the archives for Scroodles.

Large can Campbell's Pork n Beans
1-2 Small cans of Campbell's Pork n Beans
Heinz Ketchup
Brown Sugar
Chopped onion

I mix all the ingredents to my taste of being sweet, so the ketchup, brown sugar & chopped onion is to your liking. I put sliced bacon on top of mixture and bake at 350degrees for about 2hrs or until I feel they are cooked to my liking. Sort of the guessing game.
The reason for 2 small cans of Campbell's Pork n Beans is because they have more juice than the larger can.

1-Box of Jiffy Mix Corn Bread
2 Eggs,beatened
1-Cup of Sour Cream
1-Can of Cream Style Corn
1-Can of Whole Kernal Corn, drain half of juice
1-Stick Butter, melted
2 Tbls of Sugar
Salt & Pepper to liking

Bake 350 degrees

Mix all ingredients together, bake 1 hr. covered and the last 10-15 minutes uncovered dish and finish bake until golden brown.

4 Cups peeled, sliced peaches
2 Cups Sugar, divided
1/2 Cup Water
8 Tbls Butter
1 1/2 Cups Self Rising Flour
1 1/2 Cups Milk

Heat oven to 350 degrees

Combine peaches, 1 Cup Sugar and 1/2 Cup Water in saucepan. Bring it to a boil, simmer for 10 minutes. Put the butter in a 9x13 baking dish and put in oven to melt.

Mix remaining 1 Cup Sugar, Flour, Milk. Pour slowly over the melted Butter, not stirring.

Spoon peaches on top and gently pour the syrup over it. Sprinkle with cinnamon on top. Bake 30-45 minutes.

Serve hot or warm with ice cream, cool whip or whipped cream.

Enjoy !!

**I want to mention the Peach Cobbler recipe came from another Cross Stitcher/Designer's blog. Plum Street Samplers** Be sure and check her blog as she has free patterns and recipes.

Our Sunday cookout was enjoyed by all of us. I hope if you try these recipes they become a favorite of you and your family.


Monday, July 20, 2009


Guess What ??

It is out...
The new Country Sampler magazine for the month of September. It is packed with autumn decorating. This issue is always my most favorite because autumn is my favorite time of the year. I am a Halloween collector and just love seeing all the Halloween decorations.

I have taken a few pictures so all of you can take a peek inside Country Sampler magazine. I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I have.

You can also get on and find some interesting tips on decorating. I found a Stitch Guide for sewing and directions to Tea Staining on felt, muslin and paper. You just never know what you might find. So, please check into the Country

Enjoy !!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


When I get a new pattern/chart the first thing I like to do is purchase all of my floss.This way I'm ready when the time comes to start without making a trip to Michaels. I think it is more about being excited with a new pattern and picking the colors of floss. I love seeing how the colors all come together.

When I purchased the March Three Stockings by Blackbird Designs I hurried to Michaels to pick all my new floss colors. I had this number of DMC and I looked and looked thinking maybe it was out of numerical order. With no luck finding such number I start telling myself I must have written the wrong number. So, back at home I go searching for this DMC number to find it was the same number out of the booklet. I then start thinking "oh a new color and floss number". So, here I am researching on the computer, still no luck. By this time, I decided it was time to call Blackbird Designs. I was so surprised to be speaking with Alma and had a very nice talk. As she is talking with me she says " oh you know what ? " I have transposed that number. Ha!! By this time it was funny to me...I know her mind was in many different places as she said " all of those books are out in shops ". hmmmmm . Can't you imagine what she was thinking ?
So, long story short .... the DMC floss number that is correct is 524 and this is used with the Quaker Fragments pattern.

Now, to the next correction...
This is in the May Flowers Three Stockings Booklet. This I actually found on the Blackbird Designs blog site. This is for the pattern Lily of the Valley. The color Snowball(DMC B5200) is to be the open circle. Shaker White (DMC 822)is to be the solid half circle. As you look at the color codes, you will see they were just reversed.

Speaking of corrections...have you ever stitched a wrong color of floss in a pattern but it turned out just fine ? I have done this and I just let it be. Looked okay to me.


Sunday, July 12, 2009


Stocking up with all the BLACKBIRD DESIGNS stockings booklet. I have each booklet that is out in the needle shops. That means there are seven booklets of stocking designs. Each booklet offers a pattern/chart that stands out more than an other to me. I have to say there isn't one month that I don't like...I love them all. However, July is at the top of my list as my favorite.

PATRIOTIC JULY is just that ! I really love the stocking with the American Flag,Fourth of July, I believe it catches your eye as the flag is waving. The Bountiful Stars is very colorful with the red and blue.
Then comes Summer Roses stocking, the roses never wilt.
So, you can see why I favor the month of July stockings so much.

June Stockings...My favorite is the New Arrival with the stork.
Second favorite is the Wedding Ring, Here Comes The Bride.
Honeysuckle, I like it...I grew up with Honeysuckle around my parent's home and could smell the sweet fragrance.

May Stockings...Lily of the Valley, the little bells are so sweet.
Tulip Border, these two patterns stand out to me the most for the month of May Stockings. Tulips are my most favorite spring flower.
May Basket, this pattern goes along with the month of May bringing flowers.

April Stockings...Oh yes, April Showers, I love the umbrella !!
Oh Sweet Pea, Another spring flower I love, brings memories of growing up as my Grandmother had Sweet Peas growing all around her home.
Spring Wreath, so spring like with the colors.

March Stockings...March is my birthday month !! How could I not like the month of March Stockings ? Wild Clover, again the green colors just make you think of new beginnings of growth after a long winter.
Springs Arrival, says it best! A new spring flower.
Quaker Fragments, the spring green.

February Stockings...This month of stockings was a delight to stitch. I couldn't wait to finish a stocking to move on to the next stocking.
February's Violet, the violet color was beautiful and reminds you of growth.
Be Mine, the bird was interesting to stitch as I have a bird.
The Sweetheart Sampler, this stocking was a breeze to stitch. Such fun !!

January Stockings...This being the first month of stockings was so exciting to stitch. I couldn't make up my mind which pattern to stitch first..I chose the Birthday Stocking.
Birthday Stocking, So much excitement stitching, couldn't stop stitching and loved every minute.
Winter Carnation, once again all the colors were such fun.
Auld Lang Syne Stocking, this stocking was a quick stitch.

So you have it !! All seven months of stockings. Each month of Blackbird Designs Stockings gives you an enjoyment to stitch. Just think...when the year of stockings are all will have 36 stockings. Wow !! Hope we all have a place to hang them.

I would like to encourage anyone who loves Blackbird Designs to take a look at these patterns/charts as they are so much fun to stitch. Watch out ... they are very addictive !!

I will be adding my pictures of the booklets, so please check back soon.

Until we meet again,
Happy Stitching,


Oh that August Melon !!!

Will I ever get it finished ? This is the question I keep asking myself.
The answer is yes !

I seem to be stitching so slowly on this pattern/chart. I have been quite busy since starting this pattern. I am close to being half way through this pattern. I will say the stitching of the vine took me forever. I am all but finished stitching the bird and can't wait to start on the water melon.

I am looking ahead to "what's next". So, in the meantime I will continue stitching away on my August Melon. I will post a picture when I finish and have it framed. This I am looking forward to showing off.

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Good day to everyone !!

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite websites and business. This is a fantastic company to do business with. I have ordered rug hooking patterns and other patterns from this company.


It is a must to check the website out.
The colors of this website catch your eye and have plenty of time to browse.

Winterberry Cabin offers so much. They sell wool, rug hooking kits, patterns, punch needle, wool applique and many crafting needs.
Be sure to check out the stitcheries. There are so many seasonal kits to choose from and all the books. Don't forget to look at the books. You can take a peek through pages of the books.
One little secret.... buy what you want fast because it may not be there the next time you look.

For all of you quilters...they have many quilt patterns. I just love their seasonal pattern books. I love especially the Halloween books with all the autumn patterns. They offer many books with Christmas and the snowmen too.

Please take a look at this website, you won't be disappointed.

WINTERBERRY CABIN is truly fantastic !!


Monday, July 6, 2009


This July 4th has been 35 years ago that my to be husband and I along with friends went to watch the fireworks in my hometown.

My husbands birthday being July 8th I had bought him a new shirt for his birthday. I thought this shirt was so pretty, red, white collar. Not to be husband hated this shirt but wore it on the 4th July. He didn't want to disappoint me saying how he didn't like the shirt. First things here, my husband is a platinum blonde, so he doesn't like shirts with white collars and the color red. However, he wore that shirt that night. Looking back...I can only imagine how miserable he must have felt.

As the night moves on, we all are close to the park where the fireworks are being shot off but yet far enough away too.
Just so happens, as luck goes...he got lucky that night. Not one, not two but 3 sparks came down and burnt three holes in that shirt. Ha, ha !! He didn't get hurt but that was the end of that shirt. I never seen the shirt after that night.

I did learn never to buy a shirt with a white collar. To this day, he has to have a collar, pocket and no color that makes him stand out in a crowd.

Looking back 35 years later this has been a memory that gives us a good laugh. And no more red shirts.


Saturday, July 4, 2009


Wishing all a " HAPPY FOURTH JULY " !!

I hope everyone is enjoying good food, family and the freedoms that we remember on this day.

I know you all are like me, remembering our men and women who are serving in the military today, those veterans who have served in the past and those courageous people who gave their lives in service to this country.



I know a lady who use to have a rug hooking shop in my town. While in her shop one day I heard her say " here comes my hookers". When you hear it put that way, you have to turn and take a look. Thank heavens the term "hooker" is meant in a good way. RUG HOOKING !!

I picked up the June/July/August Rug Hooking Magazine tonight to find "Hooked Totes and Petal Purses" You talk about neat !!! In this issue I also found "learning rug hooking" tips. There are so many new patterns to choose from when doing rug hooking.

I took a class from a rug hooker using the Oxford Punch Needle. This is similar to doing Punch Needle. I think it might be a quicker technique of hooking than using the rug hook. My next class I want to take is using the rug hook.

Since taking my first class of rug hooking I have found more and more advertisements in magazines for wool and all the accessories for rug hooking. It is an interesting hobby.

At this time I haven't finished my hooked rug. It is on that "bucket list". I had better do so as I have another rug hooking pattern and the skeins of wool waiting on me. I find rug hooking is much more expensive than cross stitch and with today's economy I have been doing cross stitch. Cross stitch is my first love!!

The style of rug hooking that I like is called New England Style Rug Hooking with the Oxford Punch Needle. I like the looks of the finished rug. I first noticed this style with Claire Murray, a professional rug hooker from the New England area. This style of rug hooking is hooked with skeins of wool verses strips of wool. Rug hooking is normally done by using a rug hook and wool strips. I see some women using large hoops, no hoops and the pattern is drawn on a cloth. When finished hooking you finish the rug by doing the binding of the edge.

When I was trying to find information on New England Style Rug Hooking is was all but impossible, since I have seen more information. Isn't that the way it goes ?
I feel rug hooking is more popular on the east coast, New England area. However, it seems to be moving toward my area, the midwest and I have since found a few shops in Indiana and workshops too.

I will try to put a picture of my rug hooking pattern that I haven't finished on soon.

Until We Meet Again !

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Have you ever wondered what to do, how to do it and what to use when finishing a cross stitched pattern/chart ?

Well, Melissa didn't wonder for long... as she jumped in with her creative juices flowing. She had some help by using the JUST A THOUGHT by JUDY ODELL. This is a Finishing Visually booklet that is so useful. It gives detail by detail instructions along with pictures of many finishing techniques. This booklet is well worth purchasing.

Melissa did the Flat-fold easel using JUST A THOUGHT Finishing Visually booklet. She chose SWEETS FOR SWEET,a SUE HILLIS DESIGN and Aida 14ct. pink cloth from the NEEDLE FEVER SHOP, Indianapolis, Indiana. The decorative fabric from QUILTS PLUS, an Indianapolis, Indiana quilt shop and the ribbon from MICHAELS.

The "CUBE" she designed herself. She followed a free tutorial by THE TWISTED STITCHER, Bloomington, Indiana for finishing techniques. Melissa's husband Carson is a movie script writer, so she designed this cube with him in mind for Valentines Day. The "CUBE" was a styrofoam square covered with decorative fabric from QUILTS PLUS. The fabric was glued along with colored pins to the styrofoam square.
Melissa's "TEA POT" pattern is FRIENDSHIP TEA SAMPLER by LINDA BIRD, DESIGNER CONNECTION. She purchased this pattern/chart from It was stitched on 14ct.white Aida cloth. The finishing technique was the same as the "Cube" only to be finished rectangle shape.
You can see Melissa believes in "go for it". I think she did such a great job !!
Don't you ?

At this time Melissa is working on Winnie the Pooh Calendar. Check back in to see pictures of her progress.

Until We Meet Again,
Happy Stitching,