Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Just wanted to share with everyone what I am stitching.

I have been stitching since the start of the new year my EASTER BUNNY.

I hope to have him finished and framed by Easter.
Easter is April 24th this year, so I feel I will have my bunny ready with his basket of eggs.

This pattern is once again a Leisure Arts Book, Christmas Remembered book fifteen. The name of this book is Holiday Reverie and the pattern is "EASTER".
This book offers patterns for all holidays and is such an enjoyment to stitch the many holiday patterns. I must say, these patterns are a challenge.
As I was stitching one night I got to wondering what year this book was published. To my surprise, copyright 1997. I have collected most of the Leisure Arts Books which are all cross stitch and they are just the best. This is a series of cross stitch books and I am thinking there are 21 books. They never go out of style!

I will be sharing a picture when finished but at this time a picture taken from the Leisure Arts Book. Just so you know where I am on my stitching... I have stitched the bunny and one little chick. So, I feel pretty good about finshing my EASTER BUNNY by Easter.

Until we meet again...
Happy Stitching!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Wishing all...


Until we meet again,
Happy Stitching!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


A big "THANK YOU" TO Paulette Stewart!!!
The Paulette Stewart from PLUM STREET SAMPLERS!
The Paulette Stewart that is a Cross Stitch Designer!
The Paulette Stewart that has a wonderful blog
And last...the Paulette Stewart that has wonderful "give aways" on her blog. And do I know!

Last July I won a "give away" on Paulette's blog PLUM STREET SAMPLERS. I won $60 gift certificate from Paulette and CNS Stores. As I went browsing from time to time I had many items to choose from. However, I wanted to use the $60 on an item that each time I would use the item I would think of Paulette. So none better than a kitchen item. I chose from the Johnson Brothers China collection "THE FRIENDLY VILLAGE" a meat platter and pie plate. I received my gifts the week of Christmas and what a neat surprise.

I chose the Johnson Brothers "THE FRIENDLY VILLAGE" design having the covered bridges. I grew up in Indiana where each year in October there is a COVERED BRIDGE FESTIVAL.

So as I end today.
Sharing with all of you my gifts from Paulette, PLUM STREET SAMPLERS!

Until We Meet Again...
Happy Stitching!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This has been a long winter!!
A very hard winter I might say!

We have had more snow this winter than I can remember and I am sure we will have more snow before spring arrives. Last week the "winter blizzard storm" blew across ole Indiana into other states but before leaving we had a mixed bag. Our winter storm started with a wintery mix of sleet/snow/ice and then more snow. Of course the temperatures had to dip too and here were the winds.

Last Saturday the weatherman really missed his mark! He was predicting 1-3" of snow. No! We got 5-6" of snow on top of the already winter storm mix. It made the morning hours a "white out". It has been so bad because of ice under the snow and no one can see where you might be walking.

The last two days we have been down in the deep freeze with temperatures starting 1-5 degrees and making it up to about 18 degrees for the day. So many are still digging out and trying to not fall.

Schools have been closed because of the ice and the last few days either closed or on delays.

With all said...
Us "Hoosier" are so use to Indiana weather that the saying is...just wait, the weather will change. So yes the change is to come this weekend. Would you believe in the 40 degree temperatures? We all know well, winter isn't over!!

I am sharing with you a few pictures of where I live. I snapped a few pictures of Main Street, USA!! I must say...these pictures don't do justice to how bad our winter storm really was.

Hoping all of you stay warm/well and safe during this hard winter!

Until we meet again...