Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have finally decided on the natural color of 18ct. Aida cloth. I have pulled all the floss colors and feel they look great together. So, when I get to relax this evening I will start stitching on Blackbird Designs " August Melon". I love the colors in this pattern.

Today has been an ole rainy day, the weatherman says we might have this most of the week. I was told today that the midwest may not have a summer this year. That is hard to believe. We have experienced a few high humidity days here in Indiana and summer is to begin this Sunday, June 21st. Here in Indiana on that day we start losing a minute of daylight each day. How crazy is that ? Summer starts that day & so do the earlier evenings. By August is when you really start noticing the longer evenings setting in. As a true Indiana Hoosier I don't mind the longer evenings. I feel I have more time to cross stitch.

Until we meet again...

Happy Stitching,
Cross Stitch Woman


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