Friday, August 6, 2010


I just received in the mail the first issue of "A PRIMITIVE PLACE" magazine.
It is the Fall 2010 issue.
The very first issue too!

If anyone loves the primitive/colonial decorating look...then this is a must have!!

A PRIMITIVE PLACE magazine shows off homes, how to decorate, crafts and recipes.
Anyone wanting to order this magazine ?
Go to

I also loved how the magazine arrived in a plastic covering with no rips or tears from postal machines. What a great way to receive a magazine! So well protected.

Now I can't wait to have the time today to sit down and browse through all the homes and recipes being shown off. Furthermore...can't wait for the next issue to arrive.
It will be for the holiday season and just in time for Christmas decorating.
Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Be sure and vist "A Primitive Place" blog.
This blog is for sure the best blog for primitive, colonial lovers. There is a lot offered so be sure not to miss out...take a look. Don't miss the "members gallery" showing all the beautiful homes inside and out. It is a must !!

Until We Meet Again...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Just a stitching update...

The ole HALLOWEEN WITCH is coming right along. To this date I have stitched the snow white owl, the witches face, hat and scarf along with some hair. I feel pretty good with my stitching so far. Everything seems to be moving quickly. I also have a few of the stars finished too.

I always do my backstitching last but with this pattern it was driving me crazy looking at the owl and witches face. Looking at these areas made me feel like I was sort of lost or no direction of where I was. Guess you could say, everything seemed to be running together. Don't know if this makes any sense but again was driving me crazy. So, yes...I did the backstitching of the owl's beak and around the witches hair. Then I backstitched the witches face and stitched in all details. I must say...I feel so much better!!
I now feel I can move on knowing where the owl & witches face started and stopped.
Maybe this is called "finding my way".

Next I will stitch the witches hand around the white owl and then on to her long stringy white hair.

I have a picture of the Halloween Witch in my previous post, so scroll on down and you can see this neat pattern.

So far this Halloween Witch pattern has been a real joy to cross stitch.
On to my stitching........