Saturday, June 20, 2009


I am in seventh heaven !! I read today the Blackbird Designs blog learning that the June & July Stockings booklet will be out in about two weeks.
I can't wait to see the next designs.

But I am so excited to hear that Blackbird Designs is having a Halloween Stocking booklet with 13 patterns of stockings. This booklet will be released mid-July. I am a Halloween collector. I love vintage Halloween collecting. I think it is from when I grew up in a small town & Halloween was a big deal. Our school parties included dressing up in our costumes and a parade down the street by the school. Halloween is still a big deal with me. I love the colors black & orange.Of course living in the midwest with our four seasons & autumn being my favorite it just goes along with Halloween. Halloween today is so different from when I was a child. But I still love Halloween & all that goes with it. Pumpkins, black cats, ghost & witches. We have trick or treating only one night & that being Halloween night. We still pass out candy and perhaps bags of treats, such as pencils or plastic spider rings. Halloween is one of the biggest celebrated holidays right along with Christmas. Now you can see why I get excited thinking about cross stitching Halloween Stockings. This is a must have Halloween Stocking booklet. Really looking forward to mid-July and receiving this booklet. Hey... all of you reading this blog, let me know what you think of Halloween.

Cross Stitch Woman


Jane said...

I love Halloween, too! I have a black "Christmas" tree that I plan to use for Halloween. All I have to do is actually finish stitching some ornaments. These stockings will look great on it, I think. I've already ordered the chart, fabbie, and threads so when it arrives I can drop everything and start stitching Halloween stockings!

No one has knocked on my door in the last 2 years and I live in a tight-knit development. I think it's because the kids can get more candy and stuff at the local malls. It's certainly safer to do it that way, but I do miss seeing their little faces at the door.

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