Saturday, April 30, 2011


As April moves into May I wanted to leave this month hopping around with stitching details of the EASTER BUNNY.

This pattern is from Leisure Arts Book, Holiday Reverie. Copyright 1997, can you believe that? I must say, these books are just the best! There are several in a series and can be found on Ebay for a good price. They include many patterns and beautiful color pictures. I own several of these books and the patterns offer such beautiful colors and are well thought out.

I call this pattern EASTER BUNNY. However, in the Holiday Reverie book it is titled EASTER. I stitched this EASTER BUNNY on 18ct. Aida Antique White with all DMC Floss.

My biggest challenge came finishing as a Flat-fold. Never have I done any finishing other than framing and a few ornaments. I chose a royal blue cloth for the back side and inside fold. I used acid-free mat board purchased from Michael's and warm color batting. The batting I used on all four boards as it made for a softer appearance.

The Tassel!!
My first tassel and yes I did learn what to do the next time I make a tassel. I must explain the hurry of making this tassel. A storm was brewing with tornado warnings the night I was making this tassel. I was in a big hurry!
I will put it this way...I know what to do next time making a tassel. I feel my first tassel turned out okay but the colors of floss/threads should have been more blended. Not bad for a first time! I feel the tassel added more color to the finished look.

The cord around the Flat-fold easel was purchased pre-made from Hobby Lobby. I glued the cord and added sewing pins to make it more secure.

I recommend anyone wanting to make a Flat-fold easel to check out to see the tutorial. Very helpful!! Vonna Pfeiffer is the owner of this site and gives great instructions. Vonna recommends storing Flat-folds in tissue paper and boxed away until next year. To dust off, just use a make-up brush and lightly brush your stitched project.

All in all...
I enjoyed stitching the EASTER BUNNY and loved how my finished project turned out. My family said ... job well done!! They loved it too!

Moving on...
I now am stitching BLACKBIRD DESIGNS SUMMER OFFERING. So until we meet again, happy stitching!


Saturday, April 23, 2011



Thursday, April 7, 2011


Coming soon will be Peter Cottontail!

He is finished being stitched and backstitched.
So today I have purchased fabric and acid free mat board with all other supplies.

Hopefully by this coming week Mr. Cottontail will be showing you his Easter baskets and ready to hide his eggs.

He is also hoping spring will get here and soon!

Until We Meet Again...
Happy Stitching!

Friday, April 1, 2011


As the month of March ends and April begins I have become a "SEXAGENARIAN".
Sounds like a dirty word!

On March 20th I celebrated my birthday with my family. My husband informed me that I just became a "Sexagenarian". My reply to him was...what?
The word itself seems like such a big mouthful when speaking it. But knowing the definition is just as big too. Sexagenarian just means anyone between the age of
60-69 years old. Oh yes...that is me!!

Moving on to March 29th we celebrated my oldest son's birthday. He is a "Tricenarian". To me that word doesn't sound as bad as "Sexagenarian". It only means the age of 30-39 years of age.

On my birthday I was ask...feel any older?
My answer, not really.
However, turning 60 years old makes me stop to think about life. First thing going thorough my mind did I get here? Sixty years, where have the years gone?
Then I think to myself...where do I want my life to go from here?
I have told myself turning 60 years of age is a "new chapter" in my life and looking forward to the years ahead of me.
Afterall, I am now living my 7th decade!
Now that is a thought!

Of all the wonderful Birthday wishes and gifts I received the best was spending the day with my family. My youngest son said to me...Mom, you look much younger than 60
years old.

Just a note to all my blogging friends...if you haven't turned 60 years old yet, don't worry as it isn't all bad!

Until We Meet Again..
Happy Stitching!