Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Have you ever wondered what to do, how to do it and what to use when finishing a cross stitched pattern/chart ?

Well, Melissa didn't wonder for long... as she jumped in with her creative juices flowing. She had some help by using the JUST A THOUGHT by JUDY ODELL. This is a Finishing Visually booklet that is so useful. It gives detail by detail instructions along with pictures of many finishing techniques. This booklet is well worth purchasing.

Melissa did the Flat-fold easel using JUST A THOUGHT Finishing Visually booklet. She chose SWEETS FOR SWEET,a SUE HILLIS DESIGN and Aida 14ct. pink cloth from the NEEDLE FEVER SHOP, Indianapolis, Indiana. The decorative fabric from QUILTS PLUS, an Indianapolis, Indiana quilt shop and the ribbon from MICHAELS.

The "CUBE" she designed herself. She followed a free tutorial by THE TWISTED STITCHER, Bloomington, Indiana for finishing techniques. Melissa's husband Carson is a movie script writer, so she designed this cube with him in mind for Valentines Day. The "CUBE" was a styrofoam square covered with decorative fabric from QUILTS PLUS. The fabric was glued along with colored pins to the styrofoam square.
Melissa's "TEA POT" pattern is FRIENDSHIP TEA SAMPLER by LINDA BIRD, DESIGNER CONNECTION. She purchased this pattern/chart from It was stitched on 14ct.white Aida cloth. The finishing technique was the same as the "Cube" only to be finished rectangle shape.
You can see Melissa believes in "go for it". I think she did such a great job !!
Don't you ?

At this time Melissa is working on Winnie the Pooh Calendar. Check back in to see pictures of her progress.

Until We Meet Again,
Happy Stitching,


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