Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wishing everyone a " HAPPY THANKSGIVING " may you all have peace and be safe throughout your travels.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Halloween night was with a brisk air and full moon. The streets were lined with trick or treaters as they were welcomed by lit pumpkins on door steps.

My husband and I had our " Little C " and a friend's daughter knock on our door to treat them with their goody bag. "Little C" was dressed as Buzz Light and our friends daughter was a pirate. She was the prettiest pirate we have ever seen, lipstick and hair in pigtails.

We decided for our Halloween evening to have a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Iron Skillet. We were greeted by their beautiful decorated entry way. Greeting us was Hilda the witch and all the autumn colors, lighting and scarecrows. I have included some pictures to share with all of you the great decorating the Iron Skillet Restaurant puts on each year. They have a professional florist do their decorating. Each table is decorated with lit candles and a floral arrangement.
The Iron Skillet Restaurant is known for their food. Their specialty recipe is the Onion Soup. Of course, each dinner is specially prepared to your order. They ask if the evening is a special occasion and if so you will be served brownies with lit candles. To end your dinner you are served ice cream and your choice of toppings at your table. As your dinner evening does a friendly handshake and hoping to see you again soon. My family has been going to the Iron Skillet for many years and I must is a fantastic restaurant.

Halloween night ended for my husband and I by having a quiet evening back home with a movie and myself...cross stitching my antique Santa.

Until We Meet Again,
Happy Cross Stitching