Thursday, November 24, 2011



As everyone gathers today for Thanksgiving, my family celebrates a blessing we received thirty-four years ago.
On November 24th, 1977 I gave birth to our second son Carson. I have always said as everyone was having turkey I was having Carson. The doctor kept telling me to wait as he could then miss eating pumpkin pie.
As this special day was approaching I kept telling the doctor I would have my baby on Thanksgiving Day. Of course no one believed me! I was overdue and family didn't want me to travel so Thanksgiving was at our home. On Thanksgiving Eve, yes it all started with me telling family I am going to prepare to go to the hospital. Of course all the family're kidding! No, I wasn't kidding!! And as it goes...Carson was born in the early hours of Thanksgiving Day!!

Today, our family will be enjoying our Thanksgiving Day dinner and also Carson's birthday. Every seven years Carson celebrates his birthday on Thanksgiving Day.
Having his birthday on Thanksgiving Day is a very special day as we all gather and share the day with Carson.

To our son Carson...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Wishing all a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Until we meet again...
Happy Stitching