Sunday, June 14, 2009

You Forgot Me

You forgot me .... is what my husband Scott said to me today as I told him about my last post.

NO, as I said to him you are "what's next". This is our grandson " Little C's " favorite saying..."what's next".

Scott & I grew up in Indiana in different countys. I always knew who he was & the same for him with me. His grandparents lived in my hometown. I always heard my classmates call him "Cotton Top" as he is a true platinum blonde.

As our story goes...Scott ask me for a date & I told him no. Can you imagine that ? Six months later here he comes again asking me for a date. This time I thought if this guy had the nerve to ask me again after I said no the first time ....hmmm ... give him a chance.

The first date was quite a night. This was 1974 & very snowy night. I still was second guessing myself about this date. As the night goes... I have my hair in large curlers as I had long hair. I had been ranting about not really wanting this date. As I go to turn on the shower the shower plug was up. Yes, I got a head full of water. By this time the night was on the wrong foot for sure. As I go to fix my hair, I end up with long flat hair on one side & curler dents on the other side. Cute huh ?

I am all but ready & Scott arrives & my grandmother comes to tell me " your boyfriend is here". I remember telling Grandma "he isn't my boyfriend, he is just a date". My attitude not being the best, Grandma continues telling me..." I think he is a nice boy, I like him". Thanks Grandma !! Oh yeah, that was just what I wanted to hear that night.

I walk into our front room to find everyone with big grins on their faces. My family was grinning because they knew how I had ranted not wanting this date & how I got my hair wet.
Well, there stood poor Scott with a wondering what was happening look on his face. Ha.

The date turned out fine, a very cold snowy night. Scott had a MGB convertible car with NO heater. Our date ended around midnight. As Scott's night was ending I forgot to tell him that my father had about a dozen Peacocks. Yes, you know a Peacocks scream... just as Scott took ahold of his car handle all the Peacocks screamed. helpppp, helppp !!!
Scott says to this day he thought it was some woman screaming for help. And yes, Scott all but jumped over his car.
Well, any other guy would probably have said .... I am out of here !!

This August makes our 35th anniversary. Two sons & daughter-in-laws & Little C.
Scott & I have been in business all of our marriage. We also share our business life with our sons & wives.

As history has it here....
Scott has been the best thing in my life !!
He has been the best husband, friend, father & grandfather anyone could ever have in their life.
I love him dearly !!
I am so blessed !!

As Little C says... what's next ?

Cross Stitch Woman


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