Monday, June 22, 2009


I am always excited to purchase my next pattern booklet and to see what colors of floss the pattern calls for. I ask myself everytime...why is it that I always need two skeins of a color of floss that I don't have. I look at my stash of floss and think to myself " I must have every color of DMC floss" only to find, I still need two new skeins of floss. But to me,it is so much fun picking out new skeins of floss to see the colors. I actually love it when I buy several skeins to see how all the colors of floss blend together. Some take on the look of spring, autumn or just a variety of colors.

So, where is this leading ... today I purchased my next Blackbird Designs Three Stockings for May. I may not get to stitch these stockings until I finish the August Melon pattern. I try not to have more than one cross stitch project. I like to finish whatever I am stitching on my lapframe, this way I keep my head into that pattern only. My favorite of the May Stockings is the Lilly of the Valley. I love how the colors blend so well. I have a feeling I am going to have so many stockings to stitch. Just wait until the Halloween Stockings booklet arrives, I am looking so forward to this booklet.

Happy Stitching,
Cross Stitch Woman


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