Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here we are as the month of January comes to an end.
As we all know, when something ends we normally have a new beginning.
I am hoping for a new beginning but not so sure it will happen.

Here at the end of January with great sadness Indianapolis's Best Needleshop has closed!! It was voted by a local television station of being the "BEST"!!
As most of us loyal customers knew it as NEEDLE FEVER. It was more than just a local needleshop, it was where each season we found new cross stitch pattern books, newly stitched models on display and always the friendly help. If you couldn't find what you were looking for, they ordered it for you.

This is why I use to say...support your local needleshop! Yes, we can order online but there is a huge difference of seeing, touching fabric and picking colors in person. Such a difference that only a stitcher would know!

This last year NEEDLE FEVER started a stitchers guild, stitching classes and bus trips. There was so much being planned for the future with the guild. Like I say with an ending becomes a new beginning. The stitchers guild is moving on to a new location. The stitching classes have moved to a quilt shop. So, that being the new beginning! The closed shop is for sale. I am still holding out hope someone will buy what use to be a great needleshop. This would mean all new inventory and store fixtures...now that would be a new beginning!!

This last week being the last of the NEEDLE FEVER being open was met with loyal customers ravaging for their favorite patterns. Yes there were discounts too. By ends week the store was well picked over and the remains being sold on Ebay.

Myself, I don't like store closing sales! There is something about them that I find "unsettling". As you may guess...I didn't go!!
I want to remember my favorite needleshop and all the days of looking and chatting with the owner as a great time.

My new beginning is now looking for a great needleshop with the same experience as NEEDLE FEVER gave to us. I am still holding out hope!

My ending...good-bye to NEEDLE FEVER!

Until we meet again...
Happy Stitching,

Monday, January 16, 2012


What do you do with old/retired/no longer wanted framed cross stitch?

I know as time passes on so does our liking of different styles, different designers, color and perhaps the fabric chose. Myself I have experienced my growth of being a cross stitcher with many changes and likings. Today, there are so many new designers and choices of hand-dyed floss.

Myself when I decide to no longer display my framed cross stitched work I normally put it away in tissue paper and a nice sealed container. There are many reasons I decide to no longer display my framed work. Most of the time my framed cross stitch is seasonal and I am into another season. Lucky for me..not a life changing situation!

Today, I visited a Goodwill Store only to find personalized framed cross stitch. I caught myself thinking as I inspected the framed piece. Who is Chris and Kris? Their date of marriage!! What happened to these people? Divorce? Or just no longer wanted their personalized framed cross stitch? I even thought...perhaps they died? Couldn't imagine that being the case as the fabric was too new looking, 14Ct Ivory Aida. Still thinking hmmmm... only to find another framed cross stitch, this time...married to my best friend!! Really? Talk about put on the shelf!!

I don't know about any other cross stitchers out here in blogland but speaking for myself I never plan on anyone seeing my finished framed cross stitch for sale in a Goodwill Store!!!!!
If I should die, then it is up to those left living to do as they feel. Trust me, there will be my instructions on what to do or not do!
I hope they will never donate anything of my cross stitch work to a Goodwill Store!
My conclusion is that "married to best friend" lying on the Goodwill Store shelf had to be a divorce!
But just a piece of advice to all cross stitchers...if you are ever in this situation in life...have a celebration and burn it!!!!!!

So as life goes...perhaps Chris & Kris had a change of heart and the love for their framed cross stitch!!
And I walked out of the Goodwill Store thinking to myself...do I ever want to stitch a personalize pattern, if so I sure hope it never ends up on a Goodwill Store shelf!!

And no I didn't buy the frame for future framing either!! I am just trying to forget seeing this very nice personalized cross stitch for sale in Goodwill!!!
Wishing Chris & Kris the best!!

Until We Meet Again...
Happy Stitching