Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Halloween is upon us and I have been running so far behind on my cross stitching. I only got four of the BLACKBIRD DESIGNS HALLOWEEN STOCKINGS stitched. I have completed only one with the fabric backing. I will finish the other three before Halloween.
However, I didn't want anyone to think "suppose she fell off the face of the earth ". So, today I am showing just the one finished Halloween stocking. Showing is Jack O'Lantern with ole black crow/pumpkin. On the back side is the black/jack o'lantern face fabric.
As you can see from the pictures...the other Halloween stockings are...Haunted House, Whooo's Knockin at My Door ? and Trick or Treat.

I have enjoyed cross stitching these Halloween stockings, but at this time I believe it is time to retire TIS HALLOWE'EN booklet until another day. It is a fantastic Halloween Cross Stitch booklet for anyone who loves Halloween.

I have purchased from the BLACKBIRD DESIGNS two new booklets. Midnight Watch and Joyeux Noel. Midnight Watch will be on my "to do" list when the snow is falling. I love the black cat and the moon.

Can anyone tell that BLACKBIRD DESIGNS is my favorite designer of cross stitch patterns ? Barb and Alma are two great designers and not just cross stitch, they design rug hooking and quilt patterns. Oh, can't forget their blog...

As my little grandson " Little C " says...What's next Grandma ?

Well, next is a retired, out of print pattern I bought on Ebay. FATHER CHRISTMAS III by Donna Gallagher, Creative Needlearts and the Schiffer Collection. I am cross stitching Santa Claus in Gilded Cart and planning on framing in an oval frame. This old Santa Claus is from Germany in an antique cart. Santa looks really old and that is what caught my eye. I thought I had better start stitching Santa now hoping to have him finished to enjoy for this Christmas season. There are many details to this cross stitch pattern and I hope I don't go crazy stitching them.


Until We Meet Again...