Monday, July 6, 2009


This July 4th has been 35 years ago that my to be husband and I along with friends went to watch the fireworks in my hometown.

My husbands birthday being July 8th I had bought him a new shirt for his birthday. I thought this shirt was so pretty, red, white collar. Not to be husband hated this shirt but wore it on the 4th July. He didn't want to disappoint me saying how he didn't like the shirt. First things here, my husband is a platinum blonde, so he doesn't like shirts with white collars and the color red. However, he wore that shirt that night. Looking back...I can only imagine how miserable he must have felt.

As the night moves on, we all are close to the park where the fireworks are being shot off but yet far enough away too.
Just so happens, as luck goes...he got lucky that night. Not one, not two but 3 sparks came down and burnt three holes in that shirt. Ha, ha !! He didn't get hurt but that was the end of that shirt. I never seen the shirt after that night.

I did learn never to buy a shirt with a white collar. To this day, he has to have a collar, pocket and no color that makes him stand out in a crowd.

Looking back 35 years later this has been a memory that gives us a good laugh. And no more red shirts.



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