Wednesday, July 15, 2009


When I get a new pattern/chart the first thing I like to do is purchase all of my floss.This way I'm ready when the time comes to start without making a trip to Michaels. I think it is more about being excited with a new pattern and picking the colors of floss. I love seeing how the colors all come together.

When I purchased the March Three Stockings by Blackbird Designs I hurried to Michaels to pick all my new floss colors. I had this number of DMC and I looked and looked thinking maybe it was out of numerical order. With no luck finding such number I start telling myself I must have written the wrong number. So, back at home I go searching for this DMC number to find it was the same number out of the booklet. I then start thinking "oh a new color and floss number". So, here I am researching on the computer, still no luck. By this time, I decided it was time to call Blackbird Designs. I was so surprised to be speaking with Alma and had a very nice talk. As she is talking with me she says " oh you know what ? " I have transposed that number. Ha!! By this time it was funny to me...I know her mind was in many different places as she said " all of those books are out in shops ". hmmmmm . Can't you imagine what she was thinking ?
So, long story short .... the DMC floss number that is correct is 524 and this is used with the Quaker Fragments pattern.

Now, to the next correction...
This is in the May Flowers Three Stockings Booklet. This I actually found on the Blackbird Designs blog site. This is for the pattern Lily of the Valley. The color Snowball(DMC B5200) is to be the open circle. Shaker White (DMC 822)is to be the solid half circle. As you look at the color codes, you will see they were just reversed.

Speaking of corrections...have you ever stitched a wrong color of floss in a pattern but it turned out just fine ? I have done this and I just let it be. Looked okay to me.



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