Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I was in my local needle shop last week visiting with the owner. As we were talking, the owner shared with me she would soon have her contract renewal of her needle shop location. The owner shared that she didn't know if she would be staying in business or not. The ups and downs of the economy and the history of needle crafts being very seasonal was taking a toll on the business.

Over the last year the shop owner has sent email news letters asking for all of our support by buying from her shop. She wants to remain in business but the economy is playing a huge factor.

There are many advantages of buying from our local shop owners...
Being able to see patterns/charts in front of you.
They will always be happy to order anything for you.
But more than anything... the knowledge they can share with you is great.
If ever a question on how to do something, they are there to help you.
Also, trunk shows...just the best way to see first hand what is new.

So, I am hoping that each of us won't forget our local needle shops and the owners during these tough economic times.

Plese support your favorite needle shops !!



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