Saturday, July 4, 2009


I know a lady who use to have a rug hooking shop in my town. While in her shop one day I heard her say " here comes my hookers". When you hear it put that way, you have to turn and take a look. Thank heavens the term "hooker" is meant in a good way. RUG HOOKING !!

I picked up the June/July/August Rug Hooking Magazine tonight to find "Hooked Totes and Petal Purses" You talk about neat !!! In this issue I also found "learning rug hooking" tips. There are so many new patterns to choose from when doing rug hooking.

I took a class from a rug hooker using the Oxford Punch Needle. This is similar to doing Punch Needle. I think it might be a quicker technique of hooking than using the rug hook. My next class I want to take is using the rug hook.

Since taking my first class of rug hooking I have found more and more advertisements in magazines for wool and all the accessories for rug hooking. It is an interesting hobby.

At this time I haven't finished my hooked rug. It is on that "bucket list". I had better do so as I have another rug hooking pattern and the skeins of wool waiting on me. I find rug hooking is much more expensive than cross stitch and with today's economy I have been doing cross stitch. Cross stitch is my first love!!

The style of rug hooking that I like is called New England Style Rug Hooking with the Oxford Punch Needle. I like the looks of the finished rug. I first noticed this style with Claire Murray, a professional rug hooker from the New England area. This style of rug hooking is hooked with skeins of wool verses strips of wool. Rug hooking is normally done by using a rug hook and wool strips. I see some women using large hoops, no hoops and the pattern is drawn on a cloth. When finished hooking you finish the rug by doing the binding of the edge.

When I was trying to find information on New England Style Rug Hooking is was all but impossible, since I have seen more information. Isn't that the way it goes ?
I feel rug hooking is more popular on the east coast, New England area. However, it seems to be moving toward my area, the midwest and I have since found a few shops in Indiana and workshops too.

I will try to put a picture of my rug hooking pattern that I haven't finished on soon.

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