Sunday, July 12, 2009


Stocking up with all the BLACKBIRD DESIGNS stockings booklet. I have each booklet that is out in the needle shops. That means there are seven booklets of stocking designs. Each booklet offers a pattern/chart that stands out more than an other to me. I have to say there isn't one month that I don't like...I love them all. However, July is at the top of my list as my favorite.

PATRIOTIC JULY is just that ! I really love the stocking with the American Flag,Fourth of July, I believe it catches your eye as the flag is waving. The Bountiful Stars is very colorful with the red and blue.
Then comes Summer Roses stocking, the roses never wilt.
So, you can see why I favor the month of July stockings so much.

June Stockings...My favorite is the New Arrival with the stork.
Second favorite is the Wedding Ring, Here Comes The Bride.
Honeysuckle, I like it...I grew up with Honeysuckle around my parent's home and could smell the sweet fragrance.

May Stockings...Lily of the Valley, the little bells are so sweet.
Tulip Border, these two patterns stand out to me the most for the month of May Stockings. Tulips are my most favorite spring flower.
May Basket, this pattern goes along with the month of May bringing flowers.

April Stockings...Oh yes, April Showers, I love the umbrella !!
Oh Sweet Pea, Another spring flower I love, brings memories of growing up as my Grandmother had Sweet Peas growing all around her home.
Spring Wreath, so spring like with the colors.

March Stockings...March is my birthday month !! How could I not like the month of March Stockings ? Wild Clover, again the green colors just make you think of new beginnings of growth after a long winter.
Springs Arrival, says it best! A new spring flower.
Quaker Fragments, the spring green.

February Stockings...This month of stockings was a delight to stitch. I couldn't wait to finish a stocking to move on to the next stocking.
February's Violet, the violet color was beautiful and reminds you of growth.
Be Mine, the bird was interesting to stitch as I have a bird.
The Sweetheart Sampler, this stocking was a breeze to stitch. Such fun !!

January Stockings...This being the first month of stockings was so exciting to stitch. I couldn't make up my mind which pattern to stitch first..I chose the Birthday Stocking.
Birthday Stocking, So much excitement stitching, couldn't stop stitching and loved every minute.
Winter Carnation, once again all the colors were such fun.
Auld Lang Syne Stocking, this stocking was a quick stitch.

So you have it !! All seven months of stockings. Each month of Blackbird Designs Stockings gives you an enjoyment to stitch. Just think...when the year of stockings are all will have 36 stockings. Wow !! Hope we all have a place to hang them.

I would like to encourage anyone who loves Blackbird Designs to take a look at these patterns/charts as they are so much fun to stitch. Watch out ... they are very addictive !!

I will be adding my pictures of the booklets, so please check back soon.

Until we meet again,
Happy Stitching,


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