Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Good day to all of you out in Blog Land!

I am coming to you today from the "HOOSIER" state of INDIANA!!
I know most people think of Indiana as midwest, corn fields and the Indianapolis 500 Race. I have been ask many times...what is a HOOSIER?
A HOOSIER is no more than a person from Indiana! Just a nickname for an Indiana resident. The first recording of the meaning of HOOSIER dates back to 1826.
I must tell you I am a HOOSIER all the way. I have lived in Indiana my entire life and very proud of the state of INDIANA!!
INDIANA does offer more than just corn fields and the Indianapolis 500 Race. LOL!!

I know by now most of you are wondering where is this leading to?
Only to the black and white checkered flag background. Yes, us HOOSIERS do love our Indianapolis 500 Race. Indiana families love to decorate and celebrate race day. As you drive thorough Indiana you see many black and white checkered flags representing not one but 3 races in Indiana. The Indianapolis Motor Speeeday not only has the Indianapolis 500, Nascar but also a motorcycle race. I might mention the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is known as the "heart of the city". Race fans from all over the world attend these races. The city of Indianapolis is booming with out of town guest.
The month of May is very important for the state of Indiana.
The Indianapolis 500 Race is on May 29th!
For more information: www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com

So now you have it...
The black and white checkered flag background. And the racecar!

Back to stitching...


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