Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting Organized

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying this summer!

I have just finished Blackbird Designs Summer Offering.
I hope I am not the only person that has a mess once finished stitching! I must say that my stitching basket is such a disorganized mess. It is time for a stitching house cleaning!!
So, the last two evenings I have been organizing all my DMC Floss on floss bobbins. Anyone having issues with those little sticky numbers falling off the floss bobbins?
Anyone having issues with writing the floss number on the plastic floss bobbins only to have the ink wear off? Well, that is where I am!!!
With the help of The Twisted Stitcher blog tutorial I have help on the way!
So far so good!! Been cutting the DMC Floss number off and taping on upper right hand corner and then wrapping floss around the bobbin. I am hoping to be finished by evening organizing all my floss and ready for the next stitching project.

I am going to be stitching another Leisure Arts Book pattern. Book #15 Christmas Remembered Holiday Reverie. My pattern is titled "HALLOWEEN". I figure it will take me from now to Halloween to finish this pattern. I am stitching on Aida 16ct Natural Color and using all DMC Floss. I purchased my Aida Cloth at my favorite Indianapolis Needle Fever Shop. With such a pleasant surprise the owner surged all sides with her surger sewing machine. This makes it so nice for me to attach the cloth on my Doodler Frame and ready to go. I am pulling all my colors and so excited as this will be a fun pattern to stitch.

Now you have it...
Better finish organizing my basket so I can start stitching!!!

Until We Meet Again.
Happy Stitching!


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