Monday, September 6, 2010


Indiana's August 2010 was like no other August I can remember.
Hot hot hot!!! Very hot and dry weather. No rain!
Our grass is brown instead of pretty green. The farmer's corn crops are dry and ready to be picked. There is nothing better than an Indiana acidy tomato and I can't say I have had one this summer.

There is one thing in my town that has loved this hot hot weather.
At the edge of town by a shopping center strip is a retention pond with a water spout and many many water lillies.

Oh are these Lotus Water Lillies ever showing off!
Each day there has been many people stopping by taking pictures. This is a site like no other. My neighbor who is over the flowers and grounds of the Eli Lilly Center and Indianapolis Art Museum told me this is a "spectacular" view. He tells me the Lotus Water Lillies are way above the ordinary water lilly. We are so lucky because the Lotus Water Lilly grows mostly in tropical country, not Indiana. It is actually from the Indian cultural. These beautiful Lotus Water Lillies grow 4-5 feet, the pink to yellow cream colored flower is 10-12 inches and the leaves are 19-20 inches wide. Very large leaves! They also have seed pods and as they dry and harden they rattle. Again, the Indian cultural cut these pods and use them for art work. The roots are edible in different countries. There are many species of Lotus Water Lillies but the name of this Lotus Water Lilly is Green Maiden Water Lilly.

Are you wondering how these Lotus Water Lillies come to be in this retention pond? I sure did. Well, again my neighbor man knew that answer too. He said a lady who was in the U.S. Water Garden Society decided years ago to plant a few seeds. I bet this lady is so shocked to see how many water lillies have grown this summer.

Once again, these Lotus Water Lillies have loved our "tropical" summer weather and the day I took pictures they were really showing themselves for me and many other takers. I must say they have been the most "spectacular" flower showing this summer.

So, I want to share with each of you this "spectacular" view.

I hope each of you enjoy my pictures of these Lotus Water Lillies!

Just to mention...I am still stitching my Halloween Witch.
Until We Meet Again...Happy Stitching!!



Vicki said...

Love your background! I have been reading your blog for several weeks now. I'm a x-stitcher living in the Phoenix area. I've been x-stitching for decades and am thrilled to find inspiration from blogs like yours.

Jamie Bearden said...

I love the pictures of the water lillies. I have been cross-stitching since I was a little girl and I really enjoy reading your blog.

Cross Stitch Woman said...

Thank You Vicki!!!

Cross Stitch Woman said...

Thank You Jamie!
Keep on cross stitching as it is such an enjoyment.

Nancy in WI said...

Who knew Water Lillies were that beautiful? Thank you for sharing!

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