Monday, January 11, 2010


We still have snow and cold weather. We are to have a warm up this week, in the 30's but still flurries. It has been so cold out that you just want to stay home.

It has been nice to stay home and do my backstitching in the evenings. I am hoping to be finished soon. I never realized how much backstitching this pattern has. It now has me looking at other patterns and thinking to myself... how much backstitching does this pattern might have. Ha! Looking each pattern over very closely.

I really want to finish this pattern of Santa and his gilded cart so I can move on to a few ornaments. When spring arrives, so does my seasonal spirit getting with the new season. I normally don't want to be cross stitching Christmas when it is Easter.
That is just me and that seasonal spirit again.

Have any of you noticed BLACKBIRD DESIGNS has announced the next and last two stocking booklets. Those being November and December. Very pretty !! The gals are asking for suggestions for upcoming patterns. Boy did I have a few suggestions. I suggested quick ornaments such as vintage Santas, snowmen and Christmas trees.
I also suggested witches as I am a witch collector. I know they have done two Halloween booklets but there is always room for more. I would love to see finishing instructions.
I don't know about anyone else but I love to see tutorials on finishing, they can be so educational. Any tutorial dealing with cross stitch I welcome.

Better get back to my backstitching !

Until we meet again...
Happy Cross Stitching !


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