Monday, January 4, 2010


New Year has come & started with a blast of freezing weather and snow. It is in the teens tonight and was 2 degrees last night. We have another winter storm heading our way on Thursday. The weatherman won't give an estimate of how much snow we are to receive but says an accumulation.
Of course the ole saying in Indiana is...just wait five minutes and the weather will change. So, we will wait and see !

New Years Day our family got together for an evening dinner at our home with the daughter-in-laws pitching in. It was a nice quiet dinner. Then arriving was the freezing weather.

Normally on New Years Day, I always take down our Christmas tree but this year it had to wait a couple more days. So, today... down came the Christmas tree and all the decorations. Funny how the house looks a little bare without all the bright red colors. I was told once that people feel depressed after Christmas and all the color "red" is gone in a home. The color "red" brightens a home and feelings.

Today, I feel like I have a new beginning with the Christmas decorations down, put away and now I can get back to some normalcy in my life.
With that said, comes... time for cross stitch !

I have started back cross stitching on my Antique Santa In Gilded Cart. I am going crazy doing all the backstitching. I do have plans of finishing Santa before the month ends. I am looking forward to starting a new cross stitch pattern. I had another Christmas pattern from Blackbird Designs picked out but thinking maybe doing some quick ornaments.

In todays mail I received a package of very old CROSS STITCH MAGAZINES. I am talking over 20 years old. This might sound odd, but I feel they are better magazines than some of todays on the market. I have been looking at some ornaments that look inviting and perhaps quick to do.

So, I am looking ahead in this New Year of 2010 to doing some of my own coffee/tea dyeing cloth and hoping to stitch a few ornaments. I love the antique look.

As I finish Santa & his cart I will be posting a picture. I had better get busy cross stitching !! Please check back soon for Santa's picture.

Until we meet again...
Happy Cross Stitching !


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