Friday, June 1, 2012


As I think back as a child and revist all my years on Memorial Day I realize how times have changed. Memorial Day as a child had different meanings. It was the beginning of summer with school getting out. Living in Indiana it was the Indianapolis 500 Race. A day of going to grandparents to visit and celebrate the day. Celebrating the day meant a trip to the cemetery with my grandparents. I remember my grandparents cutting flowers from their yard. Nothing fancy back then as the flowers went into a foil wrapped can with water. My job was to help hold those flower cans in the car while riding to the cemetery. My mother and her parent's displaying those fresh flowers for their loved ones who had passed before them. This was a yearly trip as a child that I didn't mind. I also knew it was a day to remember those who served our country and gave us our freedom.

Time changed as the years went on and so did the cemetery decorating. Those trips got much harder as I became an adult and it was decorating my grandparent's graves. Then came several aunts and uncles graves. Still decorating with those fresh cut flowers and foil wrapped cans.

That was then and it is now... Today how things have changed. It isn't the fresh cut flowers but silk flowers in vases and saddles for the monuments. And yes those silk flowers do last much longer.

The trip to the cemetery for Memorial Day decorating is much different. Now I decorate my own parent's graves. I catch myself looking around at other graves and see how many no one decorates much less visit. I am realizing this is becoming a lost tradition with the younger generation. I ask myself why this is. My only answer to myself is ... time has changed as that was then and this is now.

 I hope all enjoyed their Memorial Day with many memories.
 Until We Meet Again,


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