Saturday, December 31, 2011


As Christmas was approaching and the days were so busy I had a surprised Christmas visitor. I must say not a welcomed visitor!
He stopped in to visit while no one was home and yes he did leave his calling card. Somehow I knew he was going to call again and yes he did, again while no one was home. Still leaving his calling card. His name was Alvin!!!

I always knew I didn't like the name Alvin but more so the week of Christmas!!
Yes, Alvin is one of many Chipmunks!! But Alvin sure liked my kitchen and my home when no one was home!

You can only imagine my surprise to have such a visitor and him eating my Harry & David pears! He didn't like the old grocery bought banana. LOL!

As I was about to lose my mind with it being the week of Christmas and knowing well I had a lot of cooking to do and Alvin wasn't coming for dinner!!! As I was bringing out the Christmas dinnerware so were the animal traps. I did have a special treat for Alvin...sunflower seeds and peanut butter!
Oh so great for Christmas!! Alvin loved those sunflower seeds but not the traps. I was pleased Alvin gave me a gift leaving his trail of eaten seeds and a few for the road.

As I was saying...I was losing my mind!
You can only imagine me screaming on the phone to my husband a few choice words about Alvin. I was also screaming this isn't going to work! I am not cooking!! We are eating somewhere else!!! By this time I had NO Christmas spirit or a mind of my own!! Thank heavens Alvin only liked my kitchen! And those Harry & David pears!!

As this story goes, Alvin didn't have to knock on the door. He welcomed himself by entering under my kitchen sink and dishwasher. They do have great teeth!!
The bottom wood under the sink was replaced and no more Alvin!!
Next came disinfecting, scrubbing, disinfecting and more scrubbing and a total cleaning of my kitchen. Then came my Christmas cooking!

We did have a great Christmas and dinner! Just no Alvin!!!
And I still have my mind!
And Alvin still has a trap waiting on him too and hopefully a ride out of town!!

There has been no stitching in this house but soon I will be starting a new cross stitch pattern.

I hope you all had a great Christmas!
And to all in blogland...wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Until we meet again...


Kim (stitchnwitch) said...

So glad it worked out for you!! :)

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