Friday, December 17, 2010


The last two weekends we have had snow storms blow in our area. We have received anywhere from 3-5" of snow along with bitter cold temperatures. We are having January and February weather in the month of December.

The weather forecast is predicting another snow storm on Monday and Tuesday but not committing to how much snow. The word is more snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I believe winter has arrived before December 21st which is the first day of winter. December 21st is also the beginning of gaining a minute each day of daylight. The last few days have been ole dark gray skies here in Indiana.
If we are lucky the temperature has gotten up to 23 degrees. One morning the temperature was -4 below and that was a very cold morning.

I must say...the snow makes for a beautiful Christmas season and gives many the spirit of Christmas!

Until We Meet Again...
Cross Stitch Woman


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