Saturday, July 24, 2010



Halloween and Autumn is my most favorite season of the year. I love all the colors that go along with Autumn. The Halloween colors just catch my eye. I have a love for all vintage Halloween decorating. Perhaps this says my age or the time period I grew up. Whatever it might be I will take vintage decorating anyday over all the plastic decorating we have today. I have a nice collection of witches!! Witches are my favorite because they each have their own character.

As an elementary school student we had our Halloween party and all the Moms brought in cupcakes, cookies and fudge. All of us got to dress up in our Halloween costumes and the entire school had a Halloween Parade walking the city streets as many watched. This was always a highlight of school and Halloween.

Trick or Treating was simple fun! We didn't have the plastic pumpkins to put our candy or apple treats in, we just had ole paper grocery sacks. Our costumes came in a box that I can still recognize the odor as if it were now. In that box were your costume and false face.

Halloween fun also was innocent throwing corn on porches, soaping windows and carving pumpkins. I remember as a child walking to the local feed store and buying 25 cents worth of cracked corn for throwing. I would always get a good scolding from the owner. Oh yes, the older kids might try and smash a pumpkin or two just for fun. My parent's allowed me to have a Halloween party and we all bobbed for apples.
This was Halloween for me as a child growing up in a small town. So, I believe everyone reading this blog can see why I love Halloween.

I also have a love to cross stitch Halloween patterns. I have shared in the past my Leisure Arts Books and today I want to show off what I am stitching. is a Halloween Witch. When I ran across this Leisure Arts Book I just had to have it. The witch sold me immediately! My pattern is from Leisure Arts Book " HOLIDAYS REMEMBERED",this is Book Five from the Christmas Remembered Series. The pattern is "HALLOWEEN". I am stitching on Antique Mocha Fabric, 14Ct Aida. This is a pattern that makes you not want to put it down. As I see the colors coming into play it becomes so addictive!! I have been thinking what it will look like framed. Today, I am showing the picture out of the book. When I finish this Halloween Witch you all will get to see her hanging on the moon.
Until then...HAPPY STITCHING!!!!



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