Sunday, February 14, 2010



Who was ole Lizzie ?

Lizzie was well known in my hometown. She was a woman of her time. Lizzie always wore a dress, nylon stockings and some days an apron. On a very hot Indiana day Lizzie would roll her nylon stockings down to her ankles, becoming anklets. She wasn't into Keds tennis shoes that were popular in those days, she had hard leather shoes. Walking many miles a day with her little red wagon and those hard leather shoes.

Lizzie worked each day around town pulling her little red wagon looking for food. Many grocery stores knew Lizzie and would give her handouts. Her day started early until late in the day. She was a hard worker and was ahead of times for women working outside of the home. It never mattered what the weather was, hot, cold, rain or snow, everyone seen her all around town.

On this Valentine's Day...
I look back at my memories of Lizzie and realize she was the "towns sweetheart".
Most town folks knew Lizzie had her own "sweetheart" and his name was Pete.
It was commonplace to see Lizzie and Pete walking to town. As they both worked for their finds each day. Lizzie with her red wagon and Pete with his big cart. One day as Lizzie was headed to town she posed for her picture. I was just a young child learning a camera and ask to take her picture, she was so thrilled.

Lizzie and Pete both have passed away but there isn't one person from my hometown that doesn't have a Lizzie & Pete story. When Lizzie's name is brings a smile.

After all these years I truly feel ole Lizzie was a real "sweetheart" !!

I hope everyone has enjoyed this Valentine's Day !

Until We Meet Again...


Karyn said...

I love your Lizzie story, that was a perfect Valentine's Day story. I hope that you had a great day.

Jane said...

Wow. I haven't thought about her in years. She came to our church for a while - she would come in late, and walk down the aisle to take her usual seat on the 2nd row. You're right. She was a very hard worker. Who else do you have in that photo album? Bobbie Holland?

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