Monday, December 28, 2009


Every Christmas season we see the dill pickle ornament. To me it never made much sense why would anyone want a dill pickle ornament on their pretty Christmas tree. Then one year I attended a "Christmas Tasting" to find a dish full of what looked like hamburger dill slices dressed up somewhat. Looking at me were "CHRISTMAS DILLS". Needless to say ... that year the dill pickle took on a new meaning to me.

From many years past, I have made the "CHRISTMAS DILLS" recipe and given them as gifts. I always receive compliments and can I have the recipe.

So this Christmas season I would like to share with all of you my "CHRISTMAS DILLS". Yes, they are dressed up hamburger dill slices. And I might mention they are very addictive, bet you can't eat just one !

1 Qt processed,sliced hamburger dill pickles
1 1/2 Cups Sugar
2 Tbls Onion Flakes
1 Tbls Prepared Horseradish
3 Tbls Vinegar
1 Tsp Celery Seed

Drain pickles and discard the liquid.
Combine all ingredients.
Repack jar, adding sugar alternately with pickle slices.
Shake jar frequently to dissolve sugar. Soon jar will be 2/3 full of liquid and crisp slices.
Refrigerate 24 hours before eating if you can keep from eating them sooner.

I hope you enjoy these "CHRISTMAS DILLS" !!

Until I start stitching again...


Sweet Sue said...

Hi, am here for the first time to check out your blog, nice to meet you:) This recipe is such a tease, I may just have to break down and try it, we're huge pickle eaters. As for the pickle on the tree, some say it's an old German custom. Stop on over at my blog sometime:)

Sweet Stitchin, Sue

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