Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is the time of year that everyone in Indiana goes "sweet corn" hunting. In Indiana you take a country drive to find the farmer who has planted fields and fields of "sweet corn". You can buy fresh picked "sweet corn" by the dozen or bushel, prices depend on the farm stand.

My husband goes "sweet corn" buying hoping to find the "just right" taste he is looking for. Just because you find a farm stand selling "sweet corn" doesn't always mean it is the taste you want. There have been years where the corn may not have any flavor or not be the right time it was picked. This year has been the exception !!
We stopped by the farm stand to again find the so called "Indiana Sweet Corn", as talking with the young boy selling the "sweet corn" he says " this year ... is the best". We have been experimenting for several years and this year we are right on target for the best yet. And he was right ! This has been the best "Indiana Sweet Corn" !!

My husband has purchased many ears of corn so we can cut the corn off for our freezer. Now, when I say many ears of corn... this is the funniest thing this year, this young boy is selling his "sweet corn" 10 ears instead by the dozen. Because we have bought so much "sweet corn" we got a "real deal" ... 11 ears of corn for $4.00.
Still not a dozen. Most of my life being raised in Indiana and buying "sweet corn" we always bought by the dozen and the farmer would throw in one extra ear of corn. This young boy won't give in to sell his "sweet corn" by the dozen. All he can say is "nope". So, we get those 11 ears of "sweet corn" and go on our merry way. For the life of me...I don't get it....why not by the dozen ?
Despite having to buy "sweet corn" by this young boy's standards, we feel we have hit the jackpot with his "sweet corn". It has been the best "sweet corn" we have had in many years.

So we get our "sweet corn" home and then begins the the "sweet corn" for cutting. We start by husking the corn, picking all the silks off, washing and drying each ear of corn. My husband cuts the corn off the ear just enough to get thin layers of corn. Then he takes his knife and scrapes the corn milk off the cob. When we feel we have enough corn for a freezer bag..we bag the corn and then freeze it. This makes for delicious "sweet corn" all year long.

Our family prepares the "Indiana Sweet Corn" by putting it in a large pan, butter, salt and pepper, sometimes a couple tablespoons of sugar and couple cans of Milnot Milk. Let the corn mixture cook down slow on low heat.
This last month I received a recipe using Heavy Cream and Whole Milk. Both ways are great !

So... as "corny" as this story now know why "Indiana Hoosiers" go "sweet corn" hunting.

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